Guest column – Kids these days

[Guest column by Ben from Pennsylvania] I just wanted to say how sick I am of your 17 year old Average Joe gamer. The only thing he seems to care about is new games with new graphics. I’ve recently heard kids at school say how excited they were for Resident Evil 5, despite having never played a Resident Evil game before. I was even ostracized for saying that it wasn’t as good as the previous installment. None of them had even played the 4th one, but it apparently wasn’t as good because the graphics are sub-par by todays standards. I love to play classics from the NES and SNES days too, but nobody besides me seems to appreciate them because they’re not on the front page of the G4 website.  And with ebay and the virtual console and *cough* emulators, there’s no excuse not to have played these timeless classics. Even if you don’t enjoy old games, at least give them some respect for the pioneering the industry, instead of just writing them off because they’re not “hip”.  Please tell me I’m not the only one that remembers when playing games was just about having fun.