Last Zelda impression, I promise

I kid the Cass here on Infendo sometimes; about his crazy hair taking over his brain; about being corporate; about seizure-inducing flash-ads … but then he goes and says something like this about Twilight Princess, and I just melt.

“There’s no way to know for sure how it’ll all turn out yet, as even with 10 hours under my belt I’ve only scratched the surface. However, if the game keeps up or gets better – as Nintendo’s people promise that it does – there is simply no way that the adventure will remembered as anything but a masterful classic and quite possibly the best launch title in the history of the business.”

Rumor is this game is a legit 70 hours of play (I say legit because no one ever takes a publisher seriously today when they start throwing out “completion times” for their games). Initial impressions, the majority anyway, are also showing the control scheme for the Wii works more than adequately, and even the things like fishing and bowmanship work seamlessly with the game. I know this is a Zelda game, so we can expect a certain degree of from it, but this is turning into the game of the last 20 years. Some people say Nintendo needs to launch its consoles with a Mario title to be successful, but I think — like Link — Nintendo has grown up a little with the Wii. I’m about ready to head down to Texas to play this thing early, anyone else?