Lots of new details revealed about Hyrule Warriors


… And here is a breakdown of the information

  • Developed by Omega Force while being assisted by Team NINJA and the whole project is being supervised by Aonuma


  • The main plot follows Link as an in-training soldier who must rescue the Princess Zelda from the witch Shia who has been turned evil somehow.


  • Impa, a captain of the Royal Army, appears as a playable character wielding a giant long sword.


  • Several other characters are playable too. Aonuma was apparently surprised by how many. This is good news because my main concern was if Link is the only playable character, then the combat could become repetitive, but with more characters hopefully there will be a good variety of fighting styles implemented.


  • 2 player mode where one person is on the GamePad, while another is on the TV. When playing alone the GamePad acts as a menu.


  • Equipping different weapons onto characters will change the way they fight, including speed focused one-handed swords to heavier weapons that focus on damage.


  • Weapon upgrade system and character growth/improvement. Not really a surprising feature given the Warriors series is well known for this.


  • Musou action combined with the Zelda series’ Z-targeting means you can avoid attacks and focus on enemy weak spots which could mean combat might not become overly monotonous by just hitting the A button over and over again. It would be nice if boss battles had a tactical edge instead of being a war of attrition.


  • The Zelda series’ spin attack appears instead of the Musou Ranbu of the Warriors franchise. Musou Ranbu is a powerful attack unique to each character and it basically destroys everything on screen. I’m guessing the spin attack will be Links variation.


  • Bombs make an appearance, won’t just be used for throwing at enemies. Not really sure what to make of this, maybe there will be an element of exploration, which will be good for fans of the core Zelda games.


  • Playable at E3.


  • Development is 70% complete.

Phew, there we have it, as a fan of the Warriors series, this has peaked my interest even more than the announcement trailer, but how do you feel about this news, has it built your excitement for this upcoming release or will you be holding your breath for more info?

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