Red Steel 2 coming Mar 23 to Wii

Red Steel 2 Wii

Red Steel 2 doesn’t deserve the coverage it’s gotten so far, because the first game underwhelmed. But many Nintendo fans remain interested because it’s one of the few grittier games on the horizon. And it’s coming March 23, according to Ubisoft, Wii Motion Plus and all. Anyone buying?

6 Responses to Red Steel 2 coming Mar 23 to Wii

  1. Sean says:

    The E3 presentation was passable, interesting, and controlled well if I remember. Despite it’s predecessors failure, this game has my interest – although it may have been better to re-brand it.

  2. Josh says:

    If the game doesn’t require you to recalibrate your controller all the time, like Wii Sports Resort, it might be good.

  3. Jamie says:

    if anyone in the UK is interested:
    £30 for preorder for the game with WM+

    And why does everyone hate Red Steel 1, I thought, considering it was the first attempt by anyone at that kind of game on wii, a launch title as well, it was a fantastic game!

  4. Burnberry says:

    I will definitely be getting this game after my wallet recovers from Pokemon SoulSilver…

  5. Janush says:

    Waiting on the reviews for this one…

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