Kotaku gets their hands on a Micro

Kotaku has just posted the first pic of their Micro arrival via FedX. It gets sweeter every time I see one. Maybe plopping down the $99 bones might be worth it. I feel like I would be betraying my SP though…

[Source: Kotaku]


  1. Hmmm it really looks nice…
    Maybe I…no ! Bad Stu !
    Gotta save for Nintendogs 😉
    Yeah it is sexy, BUT the PSP is sexy too and I don’t have it because it’s just too expensive….

  2. That looks much better than the PSP and is definitely more portable (not to mention has way more good games).

  3. before seeing that pic i thought it wasnt bad looking now that i have seen it it looks extremely sexy :).

  4. Man! That looks like one slick h/held!!!

    I keep uhm-ing and ahh-ing on whether to go for this or not (I have a DS but never owned an SP or GBA).

    Plus, check these two sites out:



    Thing are definitely looking up for us Nintendophiles!

  5. danm that thing is sexy, like psp sexy, like ipod sexy.

  6. Hey, do we know if it is compatible with the Gamecube connector? and the e-reader?

  7. It isn’t – you’ll need to buy micro designed peripherals.

  8. I dunno — I think it should be priced less than a GBA SP. But small, sexy electronics always cost more.

  9. This thing looks so good, I might just have to pawn off my SP and pick one up come September…

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