Konami’s New Rev Game [update]

IGN (by way of Joystiq) reports that Weekly Famitsu, over in the land of the red-dotted flag, has revealed Konami’s new game for the Revolution, Elebits. Joystiq says: “Produced by Shingo Mukaitouge (Guitar Freaks & Drum Mania series), the game features the new Elebit creatures. Players will explore the game world, hunting these Pikmin-like characters, which actually serve as an energy source for the movement of the game world. The name Elebit is derived from “electricity” and “bit” (as in “tiny”) ’ ‘tiny power-charged creatures.'” Mukaitouge says that the game focuses on 3 main concepts: the sensation of touching the game world inside your tv, manipulating objects to find things, and the introduction of the Elebits.

Introduction of the Elebits… Is that planned franchise i smell?

[Update– Replaced Konami logo with Elebits concept art.]