Kiddiest games you can buy?

In the below Next-Gen article, an author writes regarding GameCube sales: “The ‘Cube’s top two games are an interesting pair. One is arguably the kiddiest games you can buy today (Mario Party 7), another (RE4) one of the most gory and violent games of last year.”

While I can appreciate the online mag’s timely industry news and content, I just don’t get this statement about Mario Party 7 being kiddy. Am I offended? Not at all. But I do think the Mario Party series is arguably the best party game out there, and what adults don’t like to party?

Can I get a witness?

[Source: Next-Gen]


  1. See, I love playing stuff like Mario Party, WarioWare, Paper Mario, Zelda, etc.

    I pretty much can’t play RE4 or games of the horror genre since I get kinda wigged out while playing them.

    Yes, I’m an adult male in the key demographic range that doesn’t like to play gratuitously violent or scary games.

  2. Mario Party is kiddy as all hell. It also happens to be one of my favorite games, because its kiddy look doesn’t scare away my friends who don’t play video games… They’ll sit down and play that with me while they might not be down for a shooter or “realistic” sports game.

  3. …which is what I love about Nintendo: it covers all fronts!
    One of my all-time favorite games was Yoshi Story, on the N64… you can’t get kiddier than that!

  4. Who ever decided that kiddie was bad to begin with?

  5. Hell yea it’s kiddie, Blake. I don’t think it was meant in a derogatory way. Let’s not get defensive. 🙂

  6. I work at a video store.. and it’s surprising to see the customers who actually rent this one.

    I’d say most of them are early twenties. I guess they like the brand, but you should see the faces they make when they see the mic. It’s like it was a huge surprise.

  7. I, as a kid, love kid games. I’m not into the blood thirsty games like some people. but on occations I like Halo 2, but most of the time I’m playing kid games… because I’m a kid.

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