James Kochalka creates latest album on Game Boy Advance [update]


[UPDATE: James updates us with digital download details.]

My new album Digital Elf is now available on iTunes.  You can also download Digital Elf on amazon if you prefer their service, or on any number of other digital download services.

A frequent fan of Infendo, James Kochalka, has recorded an entire album written on his Game Boy Advance! It’s called Digital Elf and you can check out a track from it here.  It’s available as a physical CD here.


  1. No offense James… but get someone who can actually sing.

  2. I’m a fan of 8bit music.
    If you permit me, I’d like to recomend a good one on

  3. “get someone who can actually sing”

    Words and notes are coming out of my mouth… isn’t that actually singing?

  4. Fine, technically what comes out of my little sister’s mouth is singing too. Hate to break it to you, but you ain’t no Satchmo (as in I just finished cleaning the blood out of my ears).

    P.S. Might I suggest you work on some lyrics that don’t sound like they were invented by Dr. Kevorkian?

  5. I don’t even know what a Satchmo is. Anyhow, here’s a couple of my other songs that have proven quite popular over the years, in the non-gameboy rock style:


  6. Ha! Now that you reposted it, I feel embarrassed that I got into an internet argument about my singing ability.

  7. Wow…..talk about dredging up the past. Anyways James, I don’t blame you for not knowing who Satchmo is. Satchmo was a nickname given to an obscure (yet sadly overlooked) little trumpeter named Louis Armstrong.

  8. Well. I know who Louis Armstrong is at least, even if I’m unfamiliar with his nicknames.

  9. Some people like this music, and some don’t. It’s a simple fact of life. I happen to absolutely love James’ music, but, honestly, why take the time out of your day to insult a musician who spends his days doing what he loves and making people smile?