Iwata: Revolution in U.S. Before Thanksgiving

That’s right, expect the Revolution to hit US stores before the holidays. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata was quoted as telling a Japanese magazine, “We can’t talk about Revolution’s release date, but we don’t want to miss the year-end sales battle. In the U.S., we must release it by Thanksgiving, or retailers won’t give us the support we need.”

[Source: Next-Gen]


  1. Woo hoo! Cranberry sauce and a REVOLUTION!

    T-111 days until Revolution reveal at E3.

  2. yay!!!!!! that means i’ll be revoing!!!!!!!! before Christmas!!!!
    or i betteR!!!!!’
    or it’s not going to be pretty
    do you think iwata will be able to keep his word or will this simply become another Zelda inceident get me all hyped up and then delay the DAMN thing

  3. i am sooo ready for a revolution in 06.

    finally my xbox will take a backseat to my nintendo habit.

  4. ALL HAIL NINTENDO! FUCK sony who doesnt get the respect of me because it is a revenge system…no capital letter for you! Bad sony….BAD! No! Thats a bad sony! Micro is ok…but wen only have room for 2 systems! Nintendo is #1!

  5. I wouldn’t say that this is really big news, they’d be stupid to not have it out by thanksgiving (he biggest shopping day of the year in the biggest retail market).
    But it’s good to actually head from Satoru himself.

  6. Now how about some screenshots. I mean, we’ve seen pics of Zelda for well over a year and we still haven’t seen anything on the Revolution which comes out this year! Show us some games. ANYTHING!

  7. So let’s see….well, if they have it out by Thanksgiving in the US, with what they’ve already said about the global release strategy, it should be available worldwide just in time for Christmas. And at a nice, affordable price for the average family to boot…

  8. I don’t know exactly how high production can be on any system when they are cranking them at the max, but with some rough calculations given about 300 days from now to close to when they would need to be basically ready to ship they would have to crank out almost 17000 a day to make taht 5 mil the ms wanted to have for their worldwide launch. Now if 5 mil is a target or not for Nintendo who knows right now, but if it then those rumors about manufacturing beggining could very well be true.

  9. Reg just said he plans to outsell sony and microsoft this holiday season, so I expect over production.

    I still want zelda more than a new console.

    Danny…E3 is coming so hold on man.

    Tetris DS, Metroid, and Mario Brothers needs to get out sooner than later. Mario Kart is getting lax and 20 hours of Mario and Luigi went by too fast.

    Games I Dammit…GAMES!!!

  10. You need Animal Crossing in ur life, Fris.

    I think ppl are pinning this down too specifically. “By November” is a vague statement. It could come out tomorrow for all we know. The target probably lies somewhere within August, September, and October. Q3/Q4.

  11. It’s not the megaton bomb, but this IS good news.

    Xbox360? – I’ll only buy it if Shenmue III comes out on it [and I’m not holding my breath either].

    PS3? – Metal Gear Solid 4 looks tasty, but I’m unsure if it’s a system seller. As much as I love Snake and all…

    Revolution? – They could stay tight lipped until the week of the release, I don’t care. I’m firmly convinced that it will be the new ‘Fun Machine.’

    Iwata is just making sure that we know that he has not forgotten about us [thanks for the AC Coin dude!]. His role at Nintendo has been performed well thus far and I will continue to be a fan of their products.

  12. Everyone, get your pre-orders in!

    I checked with several retailers about pre-ordering this system, and a number of them mentioned to me that interest in this system is surprisingly high. Just a heads-up!

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