Iwata: Revolution comes in 2006

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata was interviewed by a Japanese newspaper, Sankei Shinbun, and had this to say regarding the Revolution’s release date: “We can’t disclose the Revolution’s release period yet, but we have no plans to miss out on the year-end sales battle. As for North America, we need to release it by Thanksgiving, or otherwise we won’t receive support from the retail industry. So the Revolution will be released prior to that period.”

[via Revolution Lifestyle]


  1. This interview came out in January. http://rev.vggen.com/news/news.php?id=295

    Just a heads up.

  2. Yeah, this was posted a while back!

    In any case, I wouldn’t trust any release promises until there is an actual date. (The PS3 is coming out on “Spring”, and Twilight Princess on 2005. Riiiight…)

  3. new or old post its the first time i’ve read it…

  4. ancient

  5. “In any case, I wouldn’t trust any release promises until there is an actual date.”

    Which means we all have to wait till the Tokyo Game Show, just like with the DS official date and price.

    But Nitnendo can pull it off(Unlike some) because they aren’t using any parts that’ll push them back. The only thing that can slow them down now is a game glitch(See Zelda) and even then that game can be pushed back….well unless it’s Smash Bros…

  6. As long as Europe doesn’t have to wait too long cus otherwise we’ll moan very loud and no amount of shout back at us will stop us from moaning. 😛

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