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The Infendo Radio show is now live on iTunes. If you’re an iTunes peep, be sure to subscribe through the link below. Also, if you enjoyed the show, any favorable reviews and rating would be appreciated. I swear I won’t fumble my words near as much and promise to have a better mic next week.

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  1. I haven’t listened yet, but I’m sure its a great first effort. However, at my work we do podcasting, and it has been agreed upon that 10 minutes is a nice length for these kinds of media ventures. Thirty-one minutes is a bit long, and it will be tough to keep the Internet crowd sticking around for the duration. Again, havent listened yet, so maybe it’s so goo dthat this won’t be a problem.

  2. Subscribing now!

  3. Don’t agree with the first guy. 10 minutes is WAY too short. That is ridiculous. If you only have 10 minutes of content, fine, but I subscibe to hudrends of podcasts and I dump ALL the short stuff. I dont like the 2 hour stuff either. 30 mins is perfect.

    Have you looked at the top 100 podcasts lately? Not a single one is in your 10 minute range. Dumbest thing I have heard all week.

  4. Sorry but what are you supposed to do exactly with that link?

  5. You need iTunes to open the link.

  6. Seriously. get a mic and then rock it!

  7. Hey anon, how does being useless actually feel?

    Anyway, did you just make that up about the Top 100? Was it, “the top 100, according to you”?

    Back to reality; podcats are like the snippets and news items you’d like to complement a site such as this one with. Like terrestrial radio, they should be 10 to 15 minute segments that you’d typically find between commercials. It’s how we human beings like to listen to things. It’s tried a tested, and it why 80% of all podcasts ever created are not downloaded to a personal device.

    This is especially true of the Internet, which is where podcasts come from. I had to explain, because some people look a little slow this morning. People surfing the Net do no “linger” at a site for long; they typically check a few posts and then move on fairly quickly. That’s why blog posts are one to two paragraphs, and not 1000-word essays.

    Dumbest post I had to read, ever. Sure you aren’t lost?

  8. You did great, 30 minutes is perfect for me (me traveling back and forth to work everyday: 30 minutes). Keep doing this.


  9. XML link please! i hate itunes and ipods personally. creative zen vision:m is for me

    btw i agree that podcasts should be about 30 min long.

  10. Great podcast guys! I look forward to hearing more. Keep it up!

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