Isaiah Triforce Johnson Already Waiting In Line For The Wii U!

We are 27 days from the Wii U launch, but that isn’t stopping Isaiah “Triforce” Johnson from camping out for his.  Isaiah has made a name for himself as being the first person to buy almost every newly launched piece of Nintendo hardware.

Mr. Johnson was the first to purchase the Wii and the 3DS in North America.  It seems only natural that he would be the first to purchase the Wii U.  So, he tweeted his fans to let them know that he was starting the line at the  Nintendo World Store in New York.

I have to admire his dedication to Nintendo, but I am not sure I could wait a full month.

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  1. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    Whether I could take a break from my job or not.. a month? That’s dedication!!… with a hint of madness. lol I couldn’t do it. I look forward to watching Reggie hand him his WiiU later next month.

  2. frstOne says:

    I like the guy

  3. wakko1337 says:

    Well he runs his own game business, so this is press for him and Empire Arcadia. He gets the best of both worlds. Good on him I say.

    And it’s 26 days as of this publication Essel, not 27 😛 trust me I’ve had a countdown on my 3DS status ever since the date announcement. ^_^

    I relate to Isaiah though, just not to that degree of time. My Gamestop won’t have a midnight launch (and I’m on the east coast so I’d be one of the first buyer too lol) but you bet I’ll be there at 11 on the 17th to get my copy!

  4. Lord Lemmy says:

    Yeah, I’m the biggest Nintendork out of all my friends, and I still wouldn’t do this! XD I’d only camp out the night before. 😛

  5. wakko1337 says:

    Is the Infendo website layout messed up for anyone else?

  6. Sean Enos (@sonicsean89) says:

    Umm, couldn’t he just pre-order it and pick it up at GameStop at the midnight party?

  7. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    Ya, layout is messed up for me too.

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