Is the Wii done as far as third parties go?

Shocking Alberto, an admittedly satisfied Wii owner, asks the question: Is the Wii done as far as third parties go?

“Consider this: The biggest PS3/360 third party release this summer? Take your pick: Red Dead Redemption, Splinter Cell, Lost Planet 2, etc,” he writes. “The biggest third party Wii games? Trauma Team (one of my GOTYs) and Arc Rise Fantasia… The fact of the matter is Nintendo are the market leader and [still] couldn’t wrangle third parties in to their stable [this generation].”

Any Infendo readers have evidence to the contrary? And how important are high-profile third-party games in terms of getting the most out of Wii?

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  1. Skotski says:

    “Any Infendo readers have evidence to the contrary?”

    Recently? No, no evidence to the contrary. Over the Wii’s lifetime? I could probably make a list that makes it seem it’s not completely screwed-over.

    And how does Arc Rise Fantasia make it up there but not Red Steel 2? RS2 ain’t perfect, but neither is ARF. RS2 was recent enough. And is Sin & Punishment a 3rd party game? It’s published by Nintendo, but made by Treasure. Is Treasure 3rd or 2nd party? I think 3rd.
    If so, why isn’t Sin & Punishment up there?

    “And how important are high-profile third-party games in terms of getting the most out of Wii?”

    It isn’t too important anymore considering that only a select amount of 3rd party developers are even trying anymore. It’s pathetic.
    But it used to be very important: when 3rd party devs actually had a chance of impressing us.
    But no, they decided to be lazy about it.
    Now I barely expect much from most of them.
    So no, it’s not too important anymore – just looking forward to Nintendo games. Everything else is just a pleasant surprise.

  2. sir jorge says:

    this makes me sad, my wife just bought a wii, and i thought i’d get into gaming…but alas…not much in the way of 3rd party games 🙁

  3. Mohan says:

    Wii has some good 3rd part games, but if it’s done then it’s done and Nintendo needs to step up do something about it…like bringing out a HD system.

  4. KEITH says:

    …Third parties need to bring up their `game’ to gamers to buy their product. They had their chance with Wii, but settled mostly for lazy ports!

  5. elmer says:

    Hail, Big Fire! Allegiance or death!

    The Wii was done as far as third parties go back in 2007. Nothing has changed. None of this will ever change. Publishers keep saying they’ll be cutting Wii support, but it’s hard to put in less than no effort. Besides, if they were to cut even their yearly iterated crap retard releases for Wii, they’d have nothing left to blame their >$100,000,000 quarterly losses on. Well, except all those HD games that are systematically destroying them.

    Damn you Shizuma.

  6. gamecollector44 says:

    I do gotta admit, there hasn’t been a whole lot of super outstanding third party games for the Wii. Most of them were rather mediocere. ._. Now, is that Nintendo’s fault? HECK NO. Lazy butt 3rd party people need to step up. Like Activision. I remember playing games made by them… that didn’t have cheap gameplay mechanics and decent animation.

  7. falconknee says:

    publishers need to stop comparing their xbox/ps3 games to wii games

    Activision could easily create a super game like cod 4 if they thought about it for more than 5 minutes

    How come no one is following what monster hunter did. the graphics= just as good as any ps3 game

    The more high powered systems always seem to have better 3rd party games come out monthly. Its just sad

    Anyone have other theories?

  8. XCWarrior says:

    There is not much on the horizon, but come on, there are dozens of quality games out there that are thrid party that no one bought so now they are dirt cheap. Do we really need to make a list again? I’m sure if someone took like 10 minutes to list the quality third party games to buy, people would realize there is plenty to choose from.

    I’m at 42 games and well over half are third party.

  9. Legend says:

    I bought Wii only because of its first party games. I don’t really care about 3rd party games on Wii because I have two consoles :p

  10. Skotski says:

    @sir jorge

    Er.. if you just got a Wii, there’s still a ton of 3rd party titles for you to catch up on.
    This discussion is talking about how 3rd party devs are STARTING to give up on the Wii completely – sooooo there’s still a lotta’ games they already made for you to get.

  11. frstOne says:

    Besides the already mentioned, I love Bit.Trip Runner, and I’ve heard very good things about Lego Harry Potter.

  12. Ptolemy says:

    Ahhh, I love NeoGAF. Wish they would activate my account already.

  13. BlueRocks says:

    Just Dance is a great third party game. I also want to get the Lego Harry Potter but not at its $60 price. When I see Lego Batman in the $20 bin it makes me just want to wait a little longer before getting LHP.

  14. Gern says:

    I don’t think the Wii is done for third parties. I did a “back of the envelope” analysis comparing the list of 1 million or more seller games on Wii compared to Xbox 360 and then I removed the Nintendo published games and Microsoft published games and found the Wii has 20 third party games selling over a million. The xbox 360 has 34 third party games selling over a million. Interestingly, in the case of Guitar Hero World tour, it outsold the xbox 360 version. I found my data on on the internet.

    I wish journalists would do a more detailed analysis of NPD video game sales before spewing opinions about 3rd parties not selling on the Wii.

  15. elmer says:

    @ Gern

    Quite a few third parties’ execs and devs (not sure which is worse) shoot their mouths off about Wii games sales, even in contradiction of their own performance. They like to complain about imagined false performances despite having put no effort in. The most recent example was Capcom citing MH3’s ‘underperformance’ in the West as a reason for their 90% reduction of profits. This is of course despite the game exceeding their published internal sales expectations. WTF? Does that make sense on any planet? There is a double standard with regards to Wii sales and Nintendo support (and many other facets of game development), with employees in control bringing their preconceptions to the table and deciding this is/isn’t going to happen, regardless of sales, consumer sentiment or logic. Great example:
    It occurs at every level, and former employees (at just about every major publisher) often speak of the retarditude. I suspect that in some cases the reasoning for lack of support and mis-stating of sales performance (Okami) has a more sinister cause: publishers that massively invested in and lost on HD systems decided to surreptitiously give the Wii token support and subsequently sabotage them on the marketplace, in order to justify to bosses and shareholders their early ignorance of the most important system on the market. Again, see Spyborgs, Dead Rising, etc. – Can you tell I have a bone with Capcom?

  16. Krizen says:


    Your post intrigued me, so I did the exact same research on VGChartz and came up with VASTLY different totals. Well, sort of. I don’t know how accurate Wikipedia and VGChartz are, but this is what I came up with from the latter, with worldwide figures:

    84 out of 98* (85.71%) – Million+ Third Party 360 Games

    59 out of 83* (71.08%) – Million+ Third Party Wii Games

    46 out of 62* (74.19%) – Million+ Third Party PS3 Games

    * – Denotes total number of Million+ games for each system

    Just to be clear, I did the EXACT same thing: I looked up, for each system, all games that have sold at least one million units worldwide (obviously the second number). I then subtracted the ones published by Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony Computer Entertainment (and obviously came up with the first number). I finally calculated the percentages.

    So although my TOTALS were vastly different, and again, I’m not sure how reliable Wikipedia and VGChartz are [compared to each other], the end results were practically the same. It’s hilarious how close the PS3 and Wii percentages of third party [million plus] games are, and just how close the Wii is to the other two in general.

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