Is Nintendo’s fall press conference a Megaton?

225_20050602_press_conference_1785×1187_l.jpgOK, so Megaton is overused, tired and lost its impact long ago. But I’m bringing it back! Why? Because I think the Nintendo Conference 2007 Fall press conference has just enough new info to be considered such an event.

A summary provided by Infendo’s own, David:

Sonic in Brawl
Online co-op mode in Brawl (no details)
WiiFit in Japan on 12/1 for 8800 yen
Mario Kart for Wii will include motorcycles!
WiiWare titles include:

– Pokemon Bokujou (Pokemon Farm)
– Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Young King and the Promised Land
– Star Soldier R
– Doctor Mario
– a Bandai Namco word puzzle game

DS demo downloads via Wii are coming
New Fire Emblem for DS is coming
New game: Super Mario Stadium Baseball for Wii

We knew about Sonic earlier this morning, but some of those other bits are a ton of mega, as far as I’m concerned. And quick, who can convert yen to dollars?