iPhone 4 includes Wii-like gyroscope

It seems like every time Apple comes out with new hardware and software these days, analysts, gamers, and others in the biz traipse out the “watch out, Nintendo!” line, before it’s all quickly swept under the rug by other industry types and—especially so—Nintendo execs.

I dunno about you, but this time feels different. The 3DS, while still an unknown, just became a little bit more important to Nintendo’s future than it was a few hours ago. Just my opinion of course, and I’m not writing off Nintendo or saying the sky is falling in the least. Indeed, the rumored 3DS and this new iPhone are completely different beasts, although there’s more overlap today than there was yesterday.

Just some new competition appeared on the horizon today, is all. Things got interesting. That’s a good thing. The iPhone 4 arrives June 24 for $199 with contract (16GB).