Smash Brothers Obtained- Requires update?

brawl01.pngIf you check Kotaku and some other gameblogs, you may have noticed photos of lines of people outside Yodobashi Camera and other major game-retailers this morning (that’s Japan time) to get their hands on the first copies of Super Smash Brothers Brawl (okay and Devil May Cry).

I actually couldn’t even reserve a copy of the game, they ended pre-res at my local Momotaro (think Gamestop inside of a shoe), so I was worried if I’d be able to score one after work, but I had a back-up plan: The kids section at the department store. For some reason, the kids section at Ito-Yokado (which is kind of like if Target had high-prices) is always well stocked with Nintendo systems and software and yet I’ve never seen anyone under the age of 7 in the place. Assuming that no one there would have the 6000 or so yen needed to purchase the game- I headed in an found not to my surprise- a bunch of kids. Not buying the game but playing the demo station in front of a shelf FULL of games.

While I was paying the guy at the register turned the game over to direct my attention to a piece of paper taped to the back with instructions on how to upgrade my Wii software. “I understand” I said, thinking that it was just a warning about making sure the system is up to date- which mine already was.

I rushed home and before really reading the note, checked to make sure there weren’t any new updates (there weren’t) and popped the game in – then the system began an auto-update. The “necessary update” wasn’t online but apparently included on the disk. Why would you need to put a note about this on the box? Well apparently (according to the other side of the note) in some cases after the necessary update the game still won’t boot. Nintendo recommends four-seconds on the power button to fix this, but fortunately my system worked just fine without a restart.

My VERY first impresion was a slight surprise that pointing and waving my wiimote at the TV wouldn’t allow me to select anything. For the first few mintues playing, everytime I went back to a menu I would point and wave, Galaxy style, until I got it through my head that this is a no-wiggle game.

Otherwise, I’ve found the game to run smooth (all though there are a few long loads), and I’m already overwhelmed by the options I have as far as play-modes, characters, bonuses, online etc. So far I’ve only played of the bit of the first-player adventure mode (will play more as soon as my hands leave the keyboard), and it’s been engaguing and a good re-intro to the characters and gameplay for someone who hasn’t played Melee for close to a year. It’s hard to see if the new adventure mode will be fun to play more than a few times through, but that’s why they added co-op play! Who want’s to come over?!?
Update: a PDF of the note that was taped to my SSBB box can be found on Nintendo’s Japanese site here (thanks Cephas!)