Interview with Midna & Link Cosplay from Anime Boston 2008

bostonweeklydigmidnalink.jpgBoston’s Weekly Dig newspaper had a great interview in their Exit Poll section with Jana & Josh, who were dressed as Midna and Link from The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

You’re like a cow or something. You’re like a wolf?

Josh: Her character rides my character in the video game. Quite literally. I am human-like. I can transform into the wolf in the dark world, and her character hooks up with me and guides me and rides my back.

And do you do that live? You can do that right now?

Josh: Yes, I need my feet, but it can be done. Jesse, please, the gloves.

The interviewer freaks out and swears a little, so be forewarned, then click on over for the full interview.