Interactive Mario Demo at Nintendo World

Remember at this past E3, where there was an interactive demo of a well-animated Mario that people had conversations with? Well it’s back, now at the Nintendo World Store. There’s a huge TV near the entrance that’s held up by a cabinet; this is his portal. You can have actual convos with him in real time, and it aint no great AI, either– Charles Martinet (voice of the Mushroom Kingdom) is actually on the other end, communicating with you over the net. You can say pretty much whatever you want to the guy, and he talks back in his Mario (or Wario, switches between the 2) voice. Martinet also controls the animations his avatars make.

Mario will be there available to talk to people Tuesday through Sunday, from 12pm-2pm, for all of December. Anyone in the vicinity of Manhattan, go get your Revolution questions answered, wish him a belated birthday, and ask him why those mushrooms aren’t so slimming…

[Thanks Silent K]