Forbes, Wii draw crowd

Every Star Wars movie is currently running on Cinemax right now, so maybe that’s why when I read this article on today I imagined the scene when Obi Wan and Vader are fighting in the hangar in Episode 4. If you remember, all the stormtroopers go over to gawk at their infamous final lightsaber duel, leaving the Milennium Falcon unguarded so Luke, Han and the others can get aboard and escape.

“Last week, shortly after a Wii review unit arrived at’s office, I set it up in a conference room to test it out. A colleague and I booted up Wii Sports, a collection of simple sports games that comes bundled with every console. It wasn’t long before we were completely immersed in Wii Tennis […] Within minutes, we’d drawn a crowd, and only a short while after that, most of the editorial staff was packed into the conference room, laughing, enjoying the show and pushing for their turn at the remote. It was the first time since the original Nintendo Entertainment System came out in 1985 that videogaming felt like a party experience–not just because it was new, and worth gawking at, but because the experience is so much more physical, like Charades or Twister, and spectators can enjoy as much as the players.”

See? Same as Star Wars, without the killing and campy dialogue. I plan on bringing the Wii home on Thanksgiving, to spread this virus to my immediate family and friends. Anyone else?