Infendo Turns 500 (Posts)

A big thanks to everyone involved with Infendo. Today we HTML’d post number 500 so hopefully you’ve enjoyed the ride thus far (see past suggestions). Here’s to 500 more in a harder, better, faster, and stronger way. If you like what we do, shout it out in the comments, tell us how to improve, or what your favorite post has been. Gratzi!

Infendo 500


  1. Congratulations!
    i’ve been a reader since the early days (may/june).
    Since that time, you’ve improved very, VERY much.

    ways to improve:
    i don’t know, maybe you can get an exclusive interview with some Nintendo reps.
    or you can hire people who speak different languages to look for non-English Nintendo news and translate them!

    so far so good, keep up the good work guys.


    The only thing I love more then infendo is nintendo itself.

  3. keep it up the good work!
    An Italian guy love Infendo

  4. congrats and keep up the good work. 500 damn thats good.

  5. i’m a recent convert but infendo is fast becoming my first online visit every day, keep up with the updates and the fantastic and relevant posts.

    fkn roxxor, keep it up and congrats.


  6. Wow, 500! That´s like my blog five times over… yet you started only a few weeks before me. I stand in awe. Your fingers must hurt really bad from all that typing. 😉 Seriously: well done. Here´s to another 500! (*throws confetti in the air*)

  7. Great work!

    Well done Blake! The site has just grown and grown.

    Here’s to 500 more posts!

  8. I read every single post since May or whenever it started. I love ya mon. Keep up da good work.

  9. I’m glad to have been a (small) part of it. Congratulations!

    Let’s see if we can hit 1,000 before the Rev hits.

  10. Congrats to you all. You’ve got a good site going on here.

    And Blake – very nice Daft Punk reference.

  11. keep it coming guys, your doing an excellent job.


  12. Congrats !
    Kudos to you making this great site..
    I’m sorry that I can’t comment like I used too 🙁 darn real life 😉
    But I’m still reading every post 😉
    Thanks for all the info and tia for the next 500 😉

  13. Congrats! Keep it up, love the site!

  14. um… your site is in my list of “always visit when on the net” sites… but i think something changed and i don’t like it… does clicking on comments now redirect you another page where if you want to post you have to click another link?.. that’s not very efficient i don’t think… my suggestion is you go back to the less complex version that takes you to this in the first place… unless of course you put a comment window in the first page you’re redirected to… then that might be better… more ‘forum’ esque…

  15. First off congrats! I’m still kinda new here but I check Infendo every day.

    My only gripe: while it’s nice that you can see the post and the comments that go with it, I find it annoying that I now have to click 2 links to comment. It’s a minor thing though and if you preffer having it this, far be it from me to stop you.

    Anyway, here’s for another 500 posts!

  16. I’m griping about the vericode system. Okay? Let my gripe be entered into the record.

  17. Awesome blogging. I haven’t ever really commented, but I love the look of your blog, and your pictures are great too. See if you can get Nintendo to list you as a fansite, maybe get an interview with Kaplan or Reggie.

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