Metroid Prime Hunters Reviews Coming In

Regarding the pending release of Metroid Prime Hunters (DS) this week, GamePro writes: “Metroid Prime: Hunters is a very polished game, suffering more from small quirks than actual flaws. Come March 20th, be prepared for one of Nintendo’s greatest achievements yet.”

Also of note, the review claims that “four players can compete through a wireless connection — with or without a copy of the game — and over Nintendo’s WiFi network.” I’m guessing “free” only through local wireless though, which has been standard in the past.

GamePro reviewed the game at 90/100. Get to it!


  1. Having Metroid Prime Hunters and Tetris DS coming out the same day is killing me!!

    I can only afford the time and money to get one this week, and the other one two weeks later… Which one are you all thinking of getting first??

  2. I’m certain this game will get lower than deserved scores. The batch of 360 titles that have just come out got stellar scores despite some blatant flaws, but Metroid Hunters which is, by all accounts, as near to perfect as possible has been getting some scores that don’t match the praise. Reviewers went nuts over SOCOM for the psp, Perfect Dark Zero, and a lot of other undeserving titles. I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt Hunters will get the respect it deserves.

  3. hurray, finally a good ‘mature’ game for DS.

    check this out, btw:

  4. go to this website for calculated ratings of particular games

    you can go directly to see metroid ratings from different sources so far

    from what i see its faired no worse than 4 stars and has averaged a 90% rating which is quite good…

  5. I’m skeptical on Hunters. The demo’s controls were horrible, even after some practice, so I’m skipping it.

  6. I dunno, Mark. The controls are ridiculously customizable and also, the actual game is supposed to be INFINITELY better than the um…first DS game ever/demo. Unfortunately, I only have 200 bucks to throw around and I’m throwing those to the Revolution. No question. Although the DS probably is one of the most tempting systems around. DS lite, please stay away from the States, I need my money!

  7. the game rocks, i got it today and i’m loving it. wifi is good, local play is good. just gotta unlock the rest of my characters. hey INFENDO!!! just like you did with AC post a new article where everyone can put their friend codes.

    here is mine

    2191 1080 3976

  8. heres my code
    3565 4977 7047

  9. Damnit Folax, why you gotta kill the surprise?

  10. Don’t you hate those fed ex shippers? :-p

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