Infendo Review: DiRT 2 [Wii and DS]


DiRT 2 Box Art - DS - Rated E

After playing the Wii version of DiRT 2 I went into the DS version expecting disappointment, however that was not the case as Firebrand Games the developers responsible for this version of the game actually put some care into this title. First thing I noticed was that the game has a creation mode allowing you create custom tracks as well as editing how your cars look. User created content is always a plus for me, as the track editor allows players to free-draw tracks and then race them within seconds. You can also share them over the DS’s wireless connection so your friends can race them.

Dirt DS 01Dirt DS 02

While this game isn’t the Wii version, it does feature the same modes such as career mode and an arcade mode. Career mode allows you to play through both the circuit off road races and the point to point racing mode. There is also a challenge mode that features twenty different events where players can perform jumps with there cars, power slide through areas, and perform various high speed runs of the tracks. The game also features tighter controls than the Wii version allowing you to use either the D-Pad or the Touch screen to control your car in conjunction with buttons for gas and break.

Dirt DS 03Dirt DS 04

The game also features wireless multi-card play along with single card play. Multi-card allows you to compete with four other players in a six vehicle championship race. Single card play over wireless where two to four players can race each other in three different event challenges with just one copy of the game.

Dirt DS 05Dirt DS 06

Overall DiRT 2 on the DS developed by an outside studio by the name of Firebrand Games, this game is better than the actual Wii Version of the game. The game plays more like Grid another Codemasters game, except it’s gravel underneath the tires. The game also features an expansive track editor, and car editor to allowing limitless potential for designs and tracks. While the game doesn’t have Wifi multiplayer the wireless single card play is a step in the right direction, and with tighter controls the game is less frustrating. The soundtrack isn’t something to scuff at either, as you can actually hear the tracks. This is the one racing game you should consider if you are looking for a racing game to play on the go you might want to give this one a look.


Review based on retail copy of the game provided by the publisher.

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