Infendo Radio: Sean finds an empty studio

Okay guys, let’s get started!  Alexis? Will? Guys? Oh.  I see how it is, tell Sean we’re doing something fun in the Infendo recording studio, and then sneak off into the city to party it up without him.  Look at these text messages and voice-mails! Parties? On the run from the KGB? You guys never invite me! Fine, I can have fun all by myself.  I’ve got my DS, my Wii, and this week’s release list.  Chuck E. Cheese Party Games came out this week. I’ll have my own party. It’ll …be …great. Jerks.

(Due to co-host absences, Infendo Radio 192 has been postponed – please enjoy this special episode “Sean and the empty studio” dramatization. We promise, it’s chock full of Sean. Infendo Radio should return next week, as scheduled.)

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