Infendo Radio: Losing touch with Nintendo, podcast hypocrisy, and sailor mouths


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  1. Love the podcast guys!

    Some general feedback based on the last few podcasts I’ve listened to…

    As veteran gamers that most likely, don’t have as much time to play games as you used to, it seems that you somewhat selfishly bash games that don’t suit your time-restricted lifestyle and favour those that do.

    I totally understand you prefer games that don’t require a lot of your time (be that because of story, controls, length etc), but don’t you remember the good ol days of being a young new gamer? The hours upon hours of time you could devote to a game, mastering it until you could play blindfolded, upside-down with your feet? Okay, slight exaggeration, but my point is that you should play devil’s advocate now and then and think “would I enjoy this if I had more time like I used to?”

    I’m 27, married and certainly don’t have as much time as I used to, and like you, favour “pick-up-and-play” titles but let us not forget there are plenty of younger gamers out there that have more than enough time to listen to a story, watch a cut-scene or memorise controls, and that this new wave of shorter “iOS”-style gaming is not for everyone. Or at least I hope that’s the case as we need variety; not one single directional shift toward shorter gaming formats.

    I think my point is summed up perfectly by Blake’s line: “we’ve played deep for decades” – not everyone has Blake! 🙂

  2. +1 respect for Blake’s “fajah”. That is exactly how I feel Blake.

    I’m going to have to agree with mlove99 on his point of devoting time to games. Look at how different you and Derek’s ratings are for the upcoming games. A 2 star, and a 5?

    Blake, I understand how having less time makes you more apt to love short bursts of gaming, but not everyone is in that boat.. (This is all just my assumption mind you, hear me out) Maybe you never liked Nintendo for their games in the first place? When you discuss your great times with Ninty, it’s always about the innovation. The d-pad, the joystick, the touch screen, etc.. I honestly don’t think you like them for their games, but rather the innovation that usually follows them.

    Here’s my main point.. Great innovation does not necessarily mean great games, or success. I’ll even throw in a sub point for free. 🙂 You will always find time to do what you love to do.

    Loved the podcast guys, and I’m glad it’s getting back to normal 🙂 I’m lookin’ at you Blake! lol Seriously though, great job guys.

    (Oh, and Derek? I checked out some of your other vid’s and such, and ya, the cussing totally turned me off of your stuff. You don’t need that kind of meaningless, attention grabbing, slang littered throughout your reviews if you are interesting. That is all. Other than that, at least you have nice hair. lol)

  3. Kinda disagree with Blake. Not all games should be shallow and innovative. There’s a place for both in my opinion. I love the simple pick up and play games like Wii Sports but I also like to get immersed in these huge worlds like in Metroid Prime. Plus there will never be a game on the 3DS that will need 3D on to be playable. Simple reason is that some people can’t see the effect. Blake should see more gameplay of Super Mario 3D Land. It looks like an entirely new type of Mario game. It incorporates both 2D and 3D Mario mechanics and the levels are really short kinda like in Mario 3 so its perfect for a handheld title.

  4. I love reading the comments on the podcasts because it often times adds to what I heard and makes me think more.

    First, have to agree with mlove99: it’s possible you might be biased due to your time as opposed to your tastes, which is understandable. May greatly change how I perceve your reviews and opinions.

    Also, I think Abdulla hit the nail on the head: there will probably never be a game that REQUIRES 3D to be playable, but that doesn’t mean that the 3D isn’t adding value and immersion to almost all games.

    About iOS and iOS gaming: It’s not just innovative controls and ease of play that is pulling people that direction. While yes, that is helping more people play stuff on the “system;” there is more to it than that. Even the cost alone isn’t what’s doing it. Think of it like this: if there are over 2,000 games for a system there are bound to be quality titles released and available. And why are there so many games for iOS? Because the SDK is COMPLETELY free and developers are free to CHARGE WHAT THEY WANT, not what they are told to. Combine those with the fact that there are no required “sales thresholds” that have to be met before you receive your profits and of course developers are going to flock to the system (it’s the reason I am working to develop my first game on iOS and then hopefully use profits to “break into” other markets and devices). I am hard pressed to find FIVE iOS titles that have held my interest and/or felt worth the amount of money I paid for them. I own TWO full-blown, retail 3DS titles and find them both worth every cent I spent on them, and one is a remake (Ocarina of Time)!! I’m not trying to take anything away from iOS (which I love) I am just showing why there is good content there but how, even though it is there, is not for everyone. (Final example: I ABHOR Angry Birds. It is silly, shallow, empty, non-compelling, and generally not fun. Almost bet I am the only one on this site that thinks that.)

    Lastly, about your anticipation for upcoming titles (and this is two-fold): 1) Instead of just looking at those four titles, how excited are you for the “general/complete” library of upcoming 3DS games? I’m talking everything that should be out between now and next christmas, not just those four games. Looking a little broader may help your anticipation. 2) How excited are you for the gaming scene in general (in regards to upcoming titles)? Are you less than enthused about (just) the PS3’s upcoming offerings? Or the PSP, 360, Wii, or iOS? I’m wondering if maybe you don’t have a general lack of enthusiasm for everything coming out, not just the 3DS offerings.

  5. Well in Blake’s defense, I too am not so excited of the upcoming games (though I am excited for almost every other game coming out in 2012… games that I wanted a 3DS for).

    Probably because I’m not a big Nintendo game fan. Yet I’m a Nintendo fan.
    I absolutely loved Wii Sports. But I’m actually not a huge fan of their main franchises.
    I have memories of playing the classics on the NES and SNES when I was young, but as time I went on I just slowly drifted away from main Nintendo franchises. Zelda? Mario? Metroid? All fantastic series, but none of them are really my style. I’d give them high ratings, but I personally don’t enjoy them as much as others.

    Not to say I never liked them at all… My favorite Mario games were Super Mario Land (considered the odd cousin of the series), Super Mario Bros. 2 (also considered the odd cousin), the Mario Kart games (considered a party game more than a single-player game), and Super Mario RPG (not even a full Nintendo game). Favorite Zelda game still is and hasn’t changed: A Link to the Past – even Ocarina of Time couldn’t pull me in as much as that game did (though I probably should give the GBA Zelda games a chance).

    Other than Kirby, I just didn’t have a loyalty to Nintendo – at least, until the Wii came out.
    I was a Sony fanboy for a few years, before that I was a SEGA fanboy.
    Yet I loved those two companies for the games that were being released on their platforms, not exactly loving the companies themselves.

    I had every Nintendo console along the way (other than the N64, which I would borrow from a cousin during that time – and the Virtual Boy, which I had rented several times), yet I still never loved them until the Nintendo Wii.
    It was that innovation that sucked me into Nintendo.
    The ease, the comfort, the promise of what games could do with motion control and thinking outside the box! THAT’S what I fell in love with.

    The game industry had simply changed too much into a “yeahhhh hardcore hardcore hardcore, gritty, dramatic, super-intensive hardcore!” babbling buffoon that I yearned for the days when I’d play Nintendo games with my friends and family… because those were the only times when one wasn’t so critical about games.
    Nowadays, if a game doesn’t quite have that certain “edge” or “touch”, it’s suddenly considered obsolete and unworthy of our time. Yet games in Nintendo consoles were simple, fun, and funny all without adding a million options.

    I suppose it’s because all other companies are becoming too “PC-like”. And Nintendo was the only one still considering itself a simple entertainment system. And the type of entertainment it brought to me in Wii Sports? Perfect.
    Heck, I loved Wii Party and Wii Sports Resort. Two other fantastic titles.

    Honestly, I love Nintendo’s philosophy more than their games. Wii Sports was a perfect little summary of their philosophy of what games should be. Simple, yet just as dynamic and fun as other games. Not saying that they can’t be complex, but that there’s no NEED to be complex.
    Right now, I can see why a lot of people are bummed with Nintendo’s offerings – but that’s all because we don’t have the games out yet. Maybe the 3DS is suffering the DS-syndrome where they don’t hit it off big until a year or two down the line, but simply put: there’s not enough games out to please all audiences.
    Sure, it pleases the happy Nintendo fan to a point, but what about the rest of us?
    Some of us were pleased with Ghost Recon, and I myself was pleased as punch with Dead or Alive Dimensions… but now we have to wait another 6 months to a year just for the rest of the games to release! And Nintendo hasn’t even released a Wii Sports-esque game to keep us occupied until then!

    Man, at least with the DS, I had Brain Age and Tetris to keep me occupied until greater games or great sequels appeared on the horizon. Now? I’m playing DS games I haven’t played/finished and buying DSiWare! Which isn’t bad, but this isn’t exactly good advertisement for the 3DS!

    I haven’t quite gotten into the rotten “I am disappoint Nintendo” attitude that’s been spreading, but I swear I will if the games don’t release in time in 2012. Sure, it’s mostly 3rd party developers at fault, but Nintendo could have given us something to chew on until then (that isn’t something that I can drop if I get bored from playing it too much).


  6. I’m going for the shortest comment on here….. I think I won. 😀

  7. Lol… nice work Fwiller 🙂

    Like RisnDevil, I like the comments section of the Infendo Radio posts too!

    My thinking is that people who like listening to “talk radio” for over half an hour, like to talk a fair bit themselves! The comments here are more like “mini-posts” that usually make for good reading (including Skotski’s post – that wasn’t a boring long rant!)