This week’s Infendo Radio will cause DS fans to shed a tear


We’re officially calling it the DS show. And the Blake breathing into the mic show. Either way, it’s a good one. Sonic fans will like it as well. Enjoy!

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  1. Hey, great show guys!

  2. I think the DS will have a bit longer life well into 2012. Though 3DS will definitely be the next portable for Nintendo.

  3. What song is that you guys have at the beginning of the podcast?

  4. “Spiraling” by Keane

  5. Awesome show, guys! It keeps getting better and better…

    My prediction is that the DS will continue to be more popular than the 3DS for at least a year after the 3DS launches. If I recall correctly, same thing happened to the GameBoy Advance after the DS launched: it got about two years of good consumer/developer support still in it! Although most developers did start to migrate their project towards the DS, gradually…