Infendo Radio: Is there room for a fourth console?

Derek and I discuss that, and more, in this weeks episode of Infendo Radio. Enjoy!

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6 Responses to Infendo Radio: Is there room for a fourth console?

  1. The Adza says:

    Great show again guys. Always good to listen while I’m at work.

  2. Mohan says:

    I don’t get your fourth console reference guys, you need to spell it out for me.

  3. monkat says:

    If there are any entrepreneurs reading this…I would totally buy a new retro-style HD console….with buttons….and download-only games to allow for cheaper and less risky development and/or publishing. Cartridges are expensive, brah.

    The only reason I don’t stick with the older consoles is because…well…I enjoy hype. I love getting excited about new stuff! SNES games have all been published years ago. There is still a good Homebrew community for retro consoles (basically everything up through dreamcast), even with an amazing NES platform recently released, but its just not the same.

  4. monkat says:

    (Man, I wish I could edit posts to add stuff)

    One thing you guys might want to check out is the Dingoo (, depending on how you feel about emulators. It’s a handheld system designed for use with retro emulators, although it does have a few native games and applications. If I recall correctly, it also has an AV out and an optional controller so you can use it as a home console with your TV. I doubt it’s HD, but still.

  5. cowmanodoom says:

    I love how you guys have been recently fitting a GBA chime into the beginning of every show. At least I know I’m not the only one obsessed with my ags-101.

  6. InvisibleMan says:

    Is there room for a fourth console?

    Short answer: No.

    Long answer: There was never room for even a third console to begin with! As Nintendo’s executive pointed out again and again, the Wii was never intended to compete with the 360 or the PS3, and consumers agreed: the rarest gaming gadget combination among players has to be owing a Wii, a 360, AND a PS3! Usually, if you have two gaming gadgets plugged to your TV, they are a Wii and one of the two HD consoles. Wii U will have to compete in a tough market, where most people already own one type of HD console and have little desire or time to buy and play with another one.

    Wii U will sell better among consumers who currently only have a Wii, or among that rarest of species: the consumer that doesn’t own ANY gaming gadget and now wants to for some reason…

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