Infendo Radio 187: You got pixels in my Coke


CUTE CHILDREN, Wii COMPETITION, and METACRITIC RATINGS, Oh my! Infendo Radio goes deep – is Sony’s “concept approval” firewall against shovelware good for the industry, and will it make it a real contender against the Wii? How about Australian school children, DS flash carts, and our impossible fondest, lamest dreams for E3? This and more, on Infendo Radio 187:

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  1. That image is great. Where do you find these? 🙂

  2. -cough-

  3. Also, that’s Pepsi.

  4. Yeah Fes, that’s what happens when you get Pixels in Coke. It gets turned into Pepsi. Duh.

  5. Oh the amount of time it must have taken them to make that and not get yelled at by management hehehe.

  6. Oh no! One of Mario’s straps is broken!

  7. It’s cut short. The podcast, not Marios overall strap.

  8. Is it? It may have compiled badly. I’ll look into it tonight and upload a new version just to be safe.

  9. Thank you. I was just listening to it and was wondering what happened.

  10. It should be better now. Looks like the volume accidentally got cranked up during the editing process and part of the show got cut off to boot – file updated. Should be better now. Thanks for the heads up y’all.

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