Infendo Radio Episode 304: Missing in action


Welcome all to episode 304 of Infendo Radio, with Harrison Milfeld, Holly Fellmeth, and myself, Lewis Pugh…missing in action.

On this weeks show we have What we’ve been playing, Nintendo News and Harrison and Holly finish up with a special feature about the 20th anniversary of Super Metroid.

If you have any questions for us to discuss on the next show or would just like to say Hi! add them to the comments or email to

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Lewis Pugh is a game developer at Leuvsion ( for mobile platforms, born and bred on Nintendo gaming. Being a developer gives Lewis a unique perspective on Nintendo news, especially relating to the eShop and Nintendo Network. Today he plays Wii U and 3DS enjoying their distinctive gameplay offerings. Looking into what the future holds for Nintendo is always tricky, even with its established heritage, but that’s exactly what makes it so fun. NNID: Leuvsion


  1. Quick semi-unrelated question: Why are all of Colin’s articles not allowing comments anymore?

    As for the show, and the focus on Metroid: the guy behind Castlevania recently left Konami (forgive me, I don’t remember his name). Wouldn’t it be awesome for him to work on the next Metroid? Just saying.

  2. Others can weigh in here too, but I don’t think you can talk about Bravely Default enough right now. It seems to always get glossed over. I’d like to hear what jobs you have each character currently using as an example, and what abilities you prefer. I’m using a pirate, arcanist, spiritmaster, templar combo right now. Not sold on the templar yet, but I like the good defense.

    I’d also be interested in how Tropical Freeze compares to Returns. I’m sure TF is difficult, but would you say comparably so? I thought Returns was about perfect.

    The Zelda comments had me wondering – I think if you’re Nintendo, you just have to put out something you feel comfortable with, and perhaps not listen to fans so much. For example, I’d say Zelda is my favorite series overall, but with mixed results. I didn’t get MM at all, but many fans loved it. I love exploring, so the forced time limit frustrated me and I never completed it. I also got sick of sailing in WW and never finished it either, but many love that one too. OOT is probably universal, but I really liked TP and I know others didn’t. I liked returning to the worlds multiple times in SS, but others hated it. I thought the graphics were awful, some thought they were great. So at what point is there even a pattern? The handhelds have probably been more consistent, but even there you have varying opinions.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up Risndevil it seems there was a bug which deactivated comments for my posts, all sorted now.

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