Infendo Radio #170: LIVE EDITION!



Infendo Radio 170 mixes it up by throwing conventional podcasting out the window – the future is here, and the future is LIVE BROADCASTING streamed directly to you, over the internet – LIVE.  Alexis, Zac, Will, and Sean mull over Nintendo’s future in a special live streamed edition of Infendo Radio, reproduced here in a convent non-live Podcast format!

Want to be a part of this wondrous mash up of internet radio and Nintendo love? It’s easy!  Simply email, call the Infendo Radio Hotline at (434) 535-BIGN, hit us up on Twitter, or hop in the Ustream Chat during the next live recording! Don’t know when the next recording is? Watch the Infendo front page, or follow us on Twitter for updates!


  1. I have a Plan N Trade a block my house, but my friend and don’t go there as the owner is a dick. He was mad at my friend couple years ago because my friend wanted his money back on a pre-order. Which is pretty stupid you have to please the customer, and if the customer wants their money back, then give it to them.

  2. Here’s my local game store:

    If you’re in the Kissimmee-Orlando area of Florida you might want to check it out!

  3. Hey guys, great show like always.

    Sean, I”m with you buddy. WaLuigi is so NOT cool.

    Hope you guys give site updates for the next live show, cause I’m not using the stalker app, sorry.

  4. I tuned in for the live broadcast – I thought it was pretty fun. Certainly a cool way to evolve the podcast and encourage Infendo community participation with the chat room.

    Just make sure that if you continue to have the live show, try and make the day/time of recording as regular as possible. Then it becomes a habit for people to tune in and/or participate. Though I know that can be tough as you guys have regular lives too. If it can’t be the same day/time every week, you should try to schedule it amongst yourselves ahead of time and stick to it, so you can advertise it in a post well in advance for your listeners.