Help keep Infendo Radio afloat by donating cash


Welcome to Infendo Radio’s first annual donation drive (because the show doesn’t have any sponsors)! In an effort to subsidize our podcast costs, reach episode 200+, and compensate (more like financial encourage) the deft production work of Scott Johnson, Kyle Crane, David Cole and my soothing verboseness, generous podcast listeners are asked to…


We’re hoping to raise $1 million dollars by week’s end, or whatever we can get (wink, wink). Skeptics are encouraged to read how the money is used and to think of the drive as PBS-like fundraising and/or a really big tip jar (but not like those Nigerian email scams). Thanks, everyone!

[Many thanks to Dustin Rue, Infendo’s first generous donor!]


  1. man i never donate to anything, but this is one thing i absolutely had to. good luck! and keep us posted on the total!

  2. I knew it, I told you all in the forums!

  3. $1 million? Let’s see according to Scott’s Frog Pants site, Infendo Radio gets 8,000 listeners a week, so divide that out and that works out to an average of $125 per listener. Sorry guys, but that’s not happening.

  4. you here that guys? your not really gonna make a million dollars! sorry cephas had to break it to you like that.
    on a serious note, i dont listen to the radio show, *ducks* but i do visit the site every day. is the site in trouble or just the radio show? if its for the site, i will definitly throw in my 2 cents. or $125. watever you guys need.

  5. Woo hoo!

  6. I just started listing to this podcast, and it is absolutely the only Wii/Nintendo Podcast on the Zune marketplace worth listening to at all.

    I wish I made more than $200.00 a month, so I could donate. You guys deserve it. The podcast is my favorite thing about infendo! (So far at least, i’ve been to this website – what, three times?)

  7. Happy to. And if you post occasional reminders, I’d be happy to donate again in future.

  8. bbelt, the money is for the site as well as the podcast. But I imagine the podcast bandwidth, etc, is a fair chunk of the site’s overall running costs.

  9. So we have this post and no podcast….is there trouble brewing at Infendo?

  10. Yes, will there be a show this week? The show must go on!

  11. Show coming soon! One million was a joke if it wasn’t obvious. 🙂

  12. Please tell me you’re kidding Blake, I totally just donated $125 as was my due. Or so I thought . . . *sigh*

  13. Not sponsored? Didn’t Scott start a few recent shows by pimping Go Daddy? What happened to that?

  14. Just gave you guys $10. I just started listening to the podcast and visiting the site, but I find it a great asset. Keep it up! Donate what you can people.

  15. I just donated my two cents!

    OK, a bit more than that, actually… Keep it rollin’!

  16. *LMFAO* @ “Nigerian e-mail scams”

    Your podcast rocks. I deliberately haven’t been listen for the past few weeks so I can have me a Sunday infendo podcast marathon!!

    *signs cheque book for $500,000 and makes payable to Infendo radio*


    No, seriously, you guys rock. I would donate, but I am in some financial troubles myself. Maybe in the future. Good luck guys.

  18. A million 😛 I wish I could make $1 on all the sites I work on. So far, I think my online endeavors have costed me a few hundred already… of course, I’m not trying to make money, as they are mostly hobbies.

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