Merry Chistmas from Infendo!


I just got done removing Team Infendo from HQ premises so I could make it home in time for dinner.

Jack was applying for a job with the Nintendo Defense Force, David was working on a poll and harassing forum members, Scott was making farting noises with his hands and poking fun at Korean accents, Kyle was playing 360, Dale was showing Jake a crazy Japanese game that none of us had heard of, Jaime was editing his last Retro Profile of the year, and Chris put the finishing touches on his latest newsletter. All hard working dudes.

Site updates will be few and far between next week as we party with friends and family, and there will be no podcast until 2008. So from everyone at Infendo, and with our appreciation for your continued visitation, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

What games are you playing over the holidays?