Infendo Radio 164: “The one where Will sings”



Can WiiWare Demos and a Motion Plus Legend of Zelda save Nintendo from tumbling profits? Maybe – all I know is New Super Mario Bros. drops next week, Will Thompson has the voice of an angel, and Infendo Radio is on NOW!

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  1. I doth protest: Ni Hao Kai-Lan is one of my daughters’ favorite shows! It’s about a little Chinese-American girl that teaches you about Chinese culture and language (sort of like Dora for Latin America, but much better done in my opinion). Maybe the games are actually good, who knows?

    A word about game difficulty, though: there are two kinds of “difficult”, and the one that most Nintendo veterans are thinking about when they hear the adjective is the “platforming” type of difficulty, where good reflexes and memorization rule. The other “difficulty” in games is of the “RPG” type, where deep strategy and planning is all that counts, no matter how long it takes for you to make a single move. That second kind is MY kind of difficult game!!