Infendo Radio 157 ponders what Disney’s purchase of Marvel means for the future of Kingdom Hearts



This week on Infendo Radio, the guys discuss new colors for Wii Remotes and DSi, Wii Fit Plus, the Internet Channel, New Game Get, Rock Band vs Guitar Hero, and what the purchase of Marvel by Disney might mean for the Kingdom Hearts series.

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[picture from Major Spoilers]


  1. I’m gonna listen just for the kingdom hearts. Downloading now!

  2. I made the comment at work Monday morning about the whole Disney/Marvel take-over that “I had a curious notion about seeing licensed Marvel heroes in an “Incredibles” sequel”. Other than, that, I don’t see much good coming from the Disney acquisition….

    Although, maybe we’ll now get bustier Disney princesses in skin tight, excessively revealing, impossible outfits…..

    The comment about Wolverine with keys snikt-ing out of his knuckles has been going around the office, as well….

  3. yeah i’m more worried about what will happen to marvel characters under this aquisition. some of my most beloved comic heroes now have a chance of being watered down and family oriented. no thank you sir. i like my disney characters to be disney and my comic characters to be dark and complex. what’s funny is that i wonder will disney now get licensing fees from universal studios florida since they have a whole island of marvel characters at their theme park? talk about the monoply of theme parks in florida. you get to cash in on your competitors too!

  4. Toker,

    I was wondering the same thing. Now it might be in Disney’s interests for Universal’s “Islands of Adventure” park to do well, lol. I find that quite amusing.

  5. I’m right there with you Will. I am tired of all these rock guitar hero make believe music star games. It’s all my friends want to play. Can we please get a new fad asap? I prefered the DDR fad over this.