Does Sony’s ignorance = Wii’s success?

Man, Sony really wants Wii to do well this holiday season. In an interview with Gamespot, SCEA president Kaz Hirai stated that Sony hasn’t even started manufacturing the PS3 yet and that shortages are inevitable. Remember the shortages Sony had after the Playstation 2 launched? Apparently, Sony doesn’t. In comparison, reports of Nintendo manufacturing Wii units started back in June.

A significant shortage of the PS3 means a lot of gamers will pick up a Wii instead. And think about all the parents hoping to buy a PS3 to put under the Christmas tree for their kids. Once they find out they can’t get one until well after Christmas, what are most of them likely to do? They’ll buy another system. “Hey, this dirt cheap Wii sounds like a good deal.”

Do you think this is just bad planning on Sony’s part? Is Sony unable to think clearly due to its enormous ego that’s growing larger with each PS2 sale? Or is it the simple fact that despite any stupid moves, Sony will succeed simply because it’s Sony? This holiday will reveal a lot about the future of both Nintendo and Sony. Here’s hoping Sony will continue to make decisions like this that makes it a much easier battle for Nintendo.