Infendo Radio 154 takes a vacation on Wuhu Island



This week the fellows talk about WiiWare vs VC, Red Steel 2, Wii Sports Resort, and New Game Get!

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This week’s music is ReMix: Sonic the Hedgehog ‘Metamorphic Rock’ by Drakesword


  1. Nice show. But the new bowling has an “automatic” option, and that is what you were using. They still have the “manual”, b-press-and-release mechanism of the previous game.

    Personally, I liked the new golf game. I have not had the time to dig much into it, but this one is rather a much more complete game package than a mini game collection that was the previous one.


  2. This makes me want to get the game.

    And, sorry to be off-topic, but does anyone else think that mii in the picture looks like Harvey Dent?

  3. I think it looks like Blake.

  4. I almost picked up Wii Sports Resort, but I was lucky enough to run into a GC copy of Ikaruga, set me back about 40 bucks, but I am happy. Chapter 4 of Ikaruga (Reality) should be called Reality Check, because it is absolutely insane.