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Last week we asked which of Nintendo’s three pillars you owned.

The results:

It appears that the three pillars support Nintendo’s roof rather evenly (even if DS seems to be taking on some of its older brother GameBoy’s weight).

With less than three weeks left until the release of the next generation of game control, Infendo wants to know:

What is your favorite non-traditional game controller?
Guitar Hero axe
DK Bongos
GameCube microphone
DDR dance pad
steering wheel
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  1. The steering wheel… when it WORKS!

    I haven’t had a good experience with a gaming steering wheel since the MadCatz Dreamcast steering wheel!! I’m having high hopes that this will work out with the Wii-mote…

  2. I bought a Logitech steering wheel for the Cube. It works well enough, but games like Need For Speed or Mario Kart are designed for the standard controller.

  3. yeah the logitech wheel has some nice force feedback, and works pretty well for things like need for speed, eg water is very smooth and easy to turn the wheel, nioe effects.

    However, DDR has to be the best accessory, get it out at a party, and your party takes off, EVERYONE LOVES DDR!!!!

  4. You need an “other” option. My favorite isn’t there, the Teiko Drum Master Taiko Drum. Smashing that thing gives a feeling of satisfaction that those DK bubbly bumps can never begin to offer.

  5. DDR pad, of course. Who doesn’t like DDR, especially when they dont have to pay a dollar to play it each time!

  6. If by steering wheel you mean a Logitech Forcefeedback wheel for the GCN, and the game you’re playing is F-Zero GX with in total darkness and with the volume way too high….wait, what was I saying?

  7. Uuuhhh – stylus???

    If not applicable, then the maracas from Samba de Amigo 🙂

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