Lack of A-list Wii titles begins to affect Japanese sales

Aeropause is reporting and I am agreeing with the fact that Wii sales have slipped 30% in recent weeks, reflecting a general downward trend ever since launch. It’s a combination of supply chain issues and lack of A-list titles, and now it’s really starting to take hold — the PSP surpassed the great white hype last week (44,495 Wii sold).

But let’s stay optimistic, shall we? Super Paper Mario hits next month, and if the sales of New Super Mario Bros. for the DS are any indication, the drought should at least be temporarily halted at that time. But for how long, right?

That all said, back in the States, has anyone been watching out for Wii consoles? As more “Americanized” titles like Tiger Woods and Godfather arrive on the scene with favorable reviews and impressions, I would think the North American Wii story is a bit more optimistic for now.