Infendo Genie

After a sweat-inducing bout of multiplayer Meteos at TGS last Fall, the Inf crew stumbled upon a label-less copy of Feel the Magic and attempted to play it. When Nick tried to rub the screen without a stylus, his DS hissed, rumbled and popped until a blue smoke flowed out from within the speaker holes to form a giant hulking figure. He called himself “Genie”, saying only that he grants knowledge, not wishes. Apparently the game was defective.

He’s been our little secret since, but now it’s time to let the Genie out and share his wisdom with you. Leave your questions in the tip box…

Hey there being a Nintendo fan I am sure you know about Nintendo’s pre Famicom systems like the Color TV Game 6 etc. I was wondering if you or any of your staff know who designed it? I know Shigeru Miyamoto started in 1977 when the system was released and I was wondering if he had anything to do with it?

Best Regards, Vive le Revolution! Nintendo Rules!
Chadwick G. Adams

Lookie here, Chad (can I call you Chad?). For the time being, I am Infendo. You will direct all future queries to me, and I will graciously answer. Miyamoto wasn’t the designer, rather it was Nintendo’s R&D1 division. Released in 1977, the Color TV Game 6 was much like the plug and play games of today. It was the first in a series and was basically 6 flavors of Pong – they called it “Light Tennis” – rolled into one device that used dials for game control, like other 70’s game machines. Evolution before revolution, eh?

Until next time…*poof*


  1. How can this genie be summoned? Only through questioning?

  2. As long as he isn’t voiced by Robin Williams, I’m happy.

  3. Was the genie born??? And if he was born did he have the tatoo at birth after Rollin became Infendo? All crazy non nintendo questions, but the genie makes me ask these.

  4. All we know is that he was trapped inside that game card. He got the tat after hitting the sauce a bit too hard at the Halloween parade in the Village, NYC last October.

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