Infendo attending Nintendo’s Fall Media Summit

Clu Clu Land WiiNintendo won’t be at Tokyo game Show 2008 next week, and you won’t find them at the Entertainment for All Expo as it kicks off Friday. In lieu of hosting a booth at either of these events, Nintendo will be holding a two day press conference starting October 2nd with the vague promise of announcing “new products.”

After coming under heavy criticism for a casual-focused E3 presentation, Nintendo has been working to get back on the good side of its “core” audience. If you remember Nintendo’s apology, it almost seems like this press conference is Nintendo’s E3 do-over. Rumors are abound about DS redesigns, a heavily anticipated franchise revival, and Nintendo’s long awaited storage solution. Nintendo hasn’t gone out of their way to confirm or deny any of these rumors, and the guesses keep piling up. Is the DS redesign a DS lite with a camera, or the next generation of Nintendo handhelds? What could this long awaited franchise revival be? Kid Icarus? Punch Out? Clu Clu Land? Are any of these rumors even true?

You won’t have to wait much longer to find out. Nintendo’s Fall Media Summit starts Thursday, October 2nd, in San Francisco. As Infendo’s new local correspondent, I’ll be there to get the answers.

[Everyone please welcome our newest writer Sean to the Infendo team! – David]