Merry Christmas, Infendoians!

Merry Christmas, every one! I’m stuck in Virginia without any GameCube controllers so I can’t play SFII on the VC. But who cares, I’m having a blast gaming the in-laws in Wii Sports and Excite Truck and just enjoying the family, good times, and delicious food. I’ve also enjoyed a ton of Clubhouse Hold ‘Em online. Look for me: Blake. And I can’t wait to watch the Karate Kid DVD collection I just scored… [insert favorite line here]. And for the record, I surprisingly think the second movie is slightly better than the first.

Thanks a bunch to all the readers out there and especially every body at Infendo Headquarters (read: volunteer bloggers). Here’s to a better year of Nintendo coverage and culture. So what games have/will you be playing today?

[Thanks, OCTOROK!]