In pictures: Nintendo World Store gets a makeover


Wired News reports:

The Nintendo World Store’s three-week makeover added new Nintendo DSi stations, some sharp new lighting and an expanded museum area on the second floor, something of a shrine to all things Nintendo. The decor is sleek and stylish, with silhouettes of the company’s iconic videogame characters framing the walls and adorable plush toys lining every aisle.

Any Infendo readers seen the overhaul?


  1. I want to go there so bad!!

  2. This place looks like pure awesomeness! But, uh…where exactly is it located?

  3. NY, somewhere… Quite far away from Britain anyway.

  4. At least it’s “impossible” for many of you to go there.
    Imagine living in the same country, living in a city that’s the competitive cousin of NYC, closer to Japan yet doesn’t get the same treatment.
    That’s right, I live in L.A.

    People can complain that Cali gets all the conventions and great access to imported games, but we rarely get the same love that international city NYC gets!

  5. I wonder how many people on this site have been to the World Store. That would make a good poll question. I just went for the first time this summer.

  6. Where’s the St. Louis location? >~>

  7. Ive been to the World Centre about 6 years ago. I think its due time to revisit after the new renovations that have been finished recently

  8. That pic makes the place look like the set of some big international news broadcast. :p

  9. I’ve been there more than a dozen of times. Stop complaining, L.A. Get on a low-cost flight to N.Y.! i’m from Kiev, Ukraine. Love that place!

  10. Address of the place: 10 Rockefeller Plaza. I usually walk from “5th Avenue” subway station to get to that place. It’s very close to that famous spot where the big Christmas tree is placed every year (the one they show on TV all over the world).

  11. Totally going there in two weeks.

  12. @Mikey
    Not complaining that I can’t go there. I’m complaining that I HAVE to go there despite L.A. being a perfect place for a 2nd one being set up.

    It’s like two sister schools having swimming pools, but the school group decides only one of them gets to make a swim team.
    And once again, being from Ukraine it just goes to show that NYC is the international city of the US — which wouldn’t make sense since more countries are closer to Cali than NY.

  13. I’m going on friday because I have no schoom on friday beacause of a meating am staying in a hotel so I’ll ge there on saturday too my parents said I could go i live in south jersy so it’s like a two hour drive

  14. Would like to go myself. There should be one in Ann Arbor, it is Kyoto’s sister city after all!

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