IGN’s Casamassina kinda confirms Kid Icarus

kidicarusrumor.jpgTo preface the inference that follows, journalistic formalities ought to be addressed. There has been no official verification that Kid Icarus is coming to Wii, and Nintendo executives have remained characteristically tight-lipped about the persistent rumors surrounding Pit’s return.

But given the recurring podcast mumblings at IGN, it doesn’t take advanced application of deductive reasoning to conclude Kid Icarus is coming to Wii.

None of the major gaming sites have yet confirmed the existence of Kid Icarus Wii. Even IGN’s Matt Casamassina had remained stringently quiet about them until recently, but with the rumors as prevalent as they’ve become, his IGN Nintendo team has been unofficially spilling the beans on its weekly “Nintendo Voice Chat” podcast, formerly known as “Wii-k in Review,” for weeks.

For the Kid Icarus hopeful, I thought I’d share.

To a question during the Mar. 31 podcast calling for clarification of IGN’s vague promise that a “major Nintendo franchise” would be returning to Wii in 2008, associate editor Mark Bozon replied:

“Kid Icarus. That was before we could say Kid Icarus, but that’s been blown out by everybody, everywhere.”

To a question during the Mar. 10 podcast directly asking if a new Kid Icarus will arrive on Wii in 2008, Casamassina replied:

“Kid Icarus? Absolutely. I mean, come on, the rumors are out there. We won’t comment any further, but there are some games, obviously, that are coming.”

As any regular listener of the IGN Nintendo podcast could attest, there have been countless examples over the last few weeks in which Casamassina and crew have similarly alluded to Kid Icarus Wii.

But what do you think? Is that enough confirmation to start getting excited about Pit’s long-overdue return, or would it still be a bit preemptive to start looking forward to a new Kid Icarus?