I take back everything I said about the 3DS stand

So…are many of you currently enjoying one of the best games Nintendo’s ever released? (And, no, I’m not talking about 1st Class Poker and Blackjack).

Kid Icarus Uprising has been surprising me in a lot of great ways this weekend, and I have to eat some crow regarding my past negative comments regarding the free included stand.

It works, it’s well designed, and it aids the gameplay without being intrusive. It’s also great for watching Netflix. I still cling to my notion that — in a perfect world — games should control well on the device they’re designed for *without* external aid. KIU is so much fun, however, that the issue becomes pretty insignificant. I’m now grouping the 3DS stand in the same category as the N64 Rumble Pak: it’s a free, optional accessory that greatly enhances gameplay.

It works fine as a tabletop stand, but it’s also great propped on its front edge on one’s stomach while reclining. I appreciate the opening for the headphone jack.

What do you think? Should Nintendo have rethought the control scheme for KIU, or is the stand a solid, smart solution that allowed the game’s creator, Masahiro Sakurai, to stick to his original vision for the project?

16 Responses to I take back everything I said about the 3DS stand

  1. monkat says:

    Everyone always complains about the controls, but I never found them cumbersome at all, and in fact, more awkward with the stand.

  2. Eric says:

    I love the stand. I’m shocked at how well it works, and actually I might start using it for other games as well, because it’s much easier to keep the system steady (and thus not risk the 3D going out of focus as I move my hands) while playing.

  3. The note about 1st Class Poker made me smirk, but using a title that Nintendo actually published would’ve been a better choice.

    Anyway, great to hear something positive about the stand for a change. 🙂

  4. Richard says:


    I know — trouble is, I’ve loved everything Nintendo’s published lately! (Notice I hedged my bets by substituting “released” for “published.”) 🙂

  5. DevinShadowV says:

    Personally I originally was completely against the stand but now I can understand what it could be used for but my hands are a little big and the 3DS slides off but not bad.

  6. WesFX says:

    I was one of the people that assumed Kid Icarus would control well without it, but better in some capacity with it.

    I feel I was right on the former, but wrong on the latter. In order to use the stand, my hand has to be rotated and I assume it’s the same for everyone else. I personally feel like this change in the angle of my thumb on the circle pad is a bit like relearning to use an analog stick. The stand is not comfortable (mentally) to use.

  7. Cass says:

    I didn’t like the controls on the game first time i played it but tried it again last nite and found it a lot better, my hands were getting a bit sore but i haven’t tried it with the stand yet!

  8. Richard says:

    @ Cass:

    Make sure to try it with the stand; for me, it made a huge difference. Also remember: you can customize the controls just about any way imaginable. There’s even an option that leaves out the touch screen entirely!

  9. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    I haven’t tried the stand, as I haven’t needed it. I highly recommend finding the ole DS’ thumbpad strap! It makes it even more wonderful to play. Even this lefty has had 0 problems playing for hours. :). KIU truly is a great game. I’m loving it.

  10. Kaherka says:

    The stand is great. It helps with any game that you want to keep steady enough to not lose focus on the 3D.

  11. Eugene Allen says:

    The stand is a god-send. That and my trusty original DS thumbstrap that is.

  12. s. miyahon says:

    The stand is an indictment of everything Nintendo has done lately.

    It’s not a portable system if you can’t carry it. If it takes a stand and absolutely rigid posture to make 3D viable, we should all prepare for the inevitable 360° dentist x-ray machine style consoles (just bite here and don’t move!) and eventually the jack-in-your-neck Matrix-esque doctor’s chair.

    3DS is recapitulating the Virtual Boy’s failure. All the market gains NTDOY made in the last six years have now been wiped out. Nintendo had better get serious, right quick, or they will not be around for the “next generation.”

  13. Richard says:

    @s. miyahon

    “The stand is an indictment of everything Nintendo has done lately.”

    You mean, like releasing some of the best software in the company’s history and selling tons of product? That kind of thing?

    See, here’s where your argument falls apart:

    The 3DS is a roaring success at this point. It’s got some of the best games Nintendo’s ever released. Any comparisons to a “virtual boy failure” at this point just sound silly.

    “It’s not a portable system if you can’t carry it. If it takes a stand and absolutely rigid posture to make 3D viable.”

    Well, you *can* indeed carry it if you can lift an iPhone. You can play any game on it without the stand, including KUI (which includes tons of configuration options). The 3D is completely optional, and does not require a “rigid posture.” It’s about as limiting as oh, say, having to hold a controller in your hand. You’ve definitely over-reacted a bit, here.

    The stand works beautifully and — aside from being completely optional — is pretty much linked to this one game (though I might use it for others, simply because I like it.)

    It all comes down to fun, s. miyahon. And Nintendo’s been delivering that by the truckload these last several months. That’s why 3DS is doing so well right now. For all we know, all “next generation” consoles could all end up tanking in an apple-shaped vortex. Gaming’s changing. The past template is becoming history. It’s all going to come down to who’s got the best IPs, and Nintendo’s in great shape in that department.

  14. s. miyahon says:

    “For all we know, all ‘next generation’ consoles could all end up tanking in an apple-shaped vortex.”

    I know; that’s the subtext of everything I said. Apple’s new iPad sold 3 million in one weekend. By now it’s matched if not exceeded the first year sales of 3DS.

    IP means nothing without flexible, sane game prices. Nintendo is belligerent and refuses to acknowledge reality, to let market forces dictate prices, to stop making sequel after sequel after sequel. 3D will not help — all the good developers are following the money. Nintendo is stumbling to its death.

  15. Richard says:

    Nintendo does need to bend a bit on download pricing. But Kid Icarus Uprising is worth forty bucks. No question.

    You may not like the “sequel after sequel” output from the company…but it makes tons of money for them. It’s the very least of their issues.

    Nintendo is not stumbling to its death. If they keep making good games, they’ll be fine.

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