Can Nintendo win the console war for a second consecutive time?

I asked around yesterday in a speculative report for G4. Here’s what my quotables had to say:

A lot of people wonder what the new console might mean for not only console gaming, but for Nintendo in general. Can the company win the “console war” for a second consecutive cycle in the wake of Wii, like it did post-NES with the Super Nintendo?

Ormond says no. “I think Nintendo is too prideful to see the real competition, and it isn’t named Microsoft or Sony,” he says, predicting that an updated and aggressively-priced Apple TV could obviate the modern console as we know it.

Pachter says yes, at least for a little while. “Of course they’ll lead. Microsoft and Sony won’t release new consoles until a couple of years after, so Nintendo will have a free pass.”Â 

Steinberg says it depends. “If the company can get their third-party support, online connectivity, and downlodable content in order ’ all of which were lacking on Wii ’ then Nintendo is a strong contender for another first-place finish.”

Cassidy sees any short-changing of Nintendo as a failure to recognize the company’s 120 year legacy. “Nintendo still has what it takes to surprise and dominate the industry,” he maintains. “The Wii may not be everyone’s go-to platform for core gaming, but there are millions and millions of owners out there that have gotten a lot of fun from the platform. To dismiss Nintendo as incapable of delivering that sort of experience once again would be silly.”

What do you think? What percentage would you give Nintendo to lead next-generation console gaming?