Hyrule Historia Has Been Altered – What It Means For The Legend Of Zelda Timeline

Hyrule Historia - The Legend of Zelda Timeline changes from Zelda Encyclopedia

Hyrule Historia brought about a number of important revelations for Zelda fans (not just the much-discussed The Legend of Zelda Timeline) – Important facts and character bios that were only speculated on but never confirmed, such as the Hero’s Shade from Twilight Princess in fact being Link from Ocarina of Time. Now these facts may be on the verge of a change – thanks to the Zelda Encylopedia.




The Legend of Zelda Timeline – As Seen In Hyrule Historia

Hyrule Historia - released years before Zelda Encyclopedia and discussed The Legend of Zelda Timeline

In addition to these unique facts and fun tidbits, the long debated Zelda Timeline was finally made canon. Hyrule Historia broke the Zelda Timeline into 3 unique sections, which all took place after Ocarina of Time. Two of the splits in the Zelda Timeline had long been theorized: The world where link returns to after the events of Ocarina of Time (named the Child Timeline), and the world he left behind after defeating Ganondorf – Hyrule Historia refers to this as the Adult Timeline.

However, Hyrule Historia brought to light a third timeline that hadn’t found mainstream appeal before: Hyrule Historia refered to this timeline as the Downfall Timeline. It takes place in a third time, where Link failed to defeat Ganon in the end, and the world was plunged into darkness.

Hyrule Historia places most of the 2d Zelda titles on this timeline, which begins with A Link To The Past, wherein Link must right the wrongs of the hero from Ocarina of Time. This timeline was met with mixed reactions by the fan-base, polarizing it. And now, this information is being altered. Slightly altered, that is.

The Zelda Encyclopedia Changes The Timeline

Zelda Encyclopedia - How it changes the legend of zelda timeline from hyrule historia

In the new Zelda Encyclopedia,  both Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages have been moved. In Hyrule Historia, they take place before Link’s Awakening. In Zelda Encyclopedia,  they are now being moved behind Link’s awakening.

Up until now, many fans and avid Hyrule Historia readers assumed that the Link from both A Link To The Past and Link’s Awakening was also the Link in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. Now, that fact is being brought into question.

Could the Link from these Oracles titles be an entirely different Link? What impact does that have on the overall narrative of Hyrule Historia and its Downfall Timeline, if any? At this time, it’s hard to say.

The Zelda Encyclopedia will be released soon – one wonders what other differences it may have from previously released material. Needless to say, we’ll all need to pick up our copies and find out!

Want to view the original Hyrule Historia circa 2013? You can check out the full version in PDF form below!

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