How Nintendo Are You?

Follow the link for a personality test to determine which Nintendo game character you are. I’m being profiled as a Bubble Bobble. Great, out of all the cool game characters, I’m a freakin’ Bubble Bobble. Somebody shoot me.


  1. I got double Dragon

  2. Yay, I got Mario!

  3. I’m sorry to say, but that is about the most lousy test I’ve ever taken (and I’ve tried some pretty bad internet tests over the years).

    I’m quite sure this guy has very little clue about what he’s talking about. Most noticeably he got the code wrong – I mean, seriously… Also, has he got any clue about how the Mario Kart series work? Good luck playing Mario Kart using NESticle.

    Besides that, the answers are just stupid…

    Sorry if I come of as an angry old man, but that kid really needed to do his homework instead…

  4. This non-test was terrible. Unfunny and unfun.

    I got Duh Kunt.

  5. Sweet

    I got Professor Hector

    Its time to operate!!!

  6. apparently im mario…thats great and all but that kid really ticked me off when i read the code and it was wrong.

  7. I think the test-maker was trying to make a point, but I don’t know what it was.

    Anyway, I got Mario.

  8. w007- mario. doesnt get better than that.

    and honestly, leaning while i jump and fire that fireball at the same time perfectly descibes me.

  9. i got Zelda!

  10. i got zelda too!

  11. pokemon o.O

  12. teh wootz! zelda!

  13. I got Zelda, and I don’t care what anybody says, that test was hilarious. The part about the sega system–“…there was no gun with the master system 2.” That cracked me up.

  14. Haha! I got Megaman, the most fantastic of all robotic children. That’s weird, I only answered one question Megaman-like. Weird.

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