This is insane

If the numbers from Next Generation are to believed, then it was not the Wii that took November, but its pipsqueak cousin the Nintendo DS (article says these are North American sales).

“The Wii sold 476,000 units for the month, while the shorter-in-supply PlayStation 3 sold 197,000 units. Sony was aiming to have 400,000 units available on launch day in the US.

The little DS juggernaut sold 918,000 units in November, bringing life-to-date US sales to 8.1 million units. The PS2 followed as the second-best selling piece of hardware for the month with 664,000 units sold. Third place was held by the never-say-die GameBoy Advance with 641,000 units.”

I’m so proud of the little guys, I really am. Now where is Mario Kart DS…