How long will it last?

Lots of talk about the DS and GC (Zelda) games, but what about the GBA? Sure we’ve got new hardware, but what about the games? The two that come to mind are Advance Tennis and DK: King of Swing. Are there any more on their way, if so, what’s on your radar?

How long will Nintendo and third-parties publish for the system? One year? Two? Here’s hoping for many…


  1. i’ve seen some previews and some of these games might be worth getting:

    -chronos twin
    -gunstar super heroes
    -once piece
    -screw breaker
    -scurge: hive

  2. oops, that’s supposed to be “one piece”

  3. With the release of the Game Boy Micro and increasing development costs of other consoles, I think the GBA could stay on the spotlight fot a couple years more.

  4. Chrono’s twin? Is this related to Chono Trigger somehow?

  5. full ack @ matt and aitmanga

    Actually it’s Chronos Twin and it’s just some time-travel platformer. I don’t know anything besides that, but I don’t think it’s tied to Chrono Trigger…..sadly…

  6. driver 3 is looking pretty sweet on the gba

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  8. @ Anon. no. 1: Technology-wise, prehaps, but the PC version was rather crappy, and this one can’t be expected to be much better.

    @ Anon. no. 2: no u

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  12. Chronos Twin will be a great game, originally and spectacularly.

    And I believe that lei that it publishes for September.

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