House Cleaning

First off, I wanna give all the readers a big shot out from Team Infendo. We think you’re some of the hippest dudes and dudettes this side of the internet. Much love to our writers as well: Nicholas, Rollin, Dale (???), and Chris.

Hope you’ve enjoyed some of the minor updates we’ve slowly been making to the site. Though the news and posts are somewhat sporadic, we really do try. Here’s some link love that was sent in via our tidy tips form:

As always, on a scale of 1-10, where would you rank Infendo for a source of unique, timely, and news worthy Nintendo content? How could we improve?


  1. sincerely a 9. I wish you had more features or retro gaming and maybe a few “diamonds on the rough” games some people might not know about. Remember most people get on the page to hear more from you, the bloggers. Has nintendo ever contacted you about your News site?

    Other than that, I check your page during the day to check the News. Big fan. 4cr sometimes sounds like they don’t like Nintendo…

  2. 10

    I like the feel of this site. It’s not as intimidating as others and for the most part there is a lot of intelligent conversation on some of the topics that you wouldn’t find on other sites.

    Also most people on this site are “cultured” in the ways of playing more than just one console or brand exclusively. Most sites are extremely bias and this one is only just as bias as it needs to be 😉

    Basically this site is a hub for a lot of information that would have other wise never been found by me and many others who take part in this site. I am glad I found this site and it’s bookmarked on just about every computer I use.

    Keep Kicking ass.


  3. Qoute from the gaming indusrty.

    “In short, the Revolution won’t exactly start out as a hit here in the US, but it will enjoy incredible sales in Japan. In time, the US gamers will start noticing the Rev, and it will enjoy very good sales in America as well. At the end of the next generation, the Revolution will be the industry leader, and it will save the industry, as it will be on the brink of collapse at the time, since the PS3 and Xbox 360 will inflate prices.”

    Man that is so awesome. A nice forcast, and an obvious one at that.

  4. 10.0
    I love the feel of the site, up-to-date info, links, things that interest me as a Gamefan.

  5. I’d say maybe around eightish. This website is my primary source for Nintendo-related news now, as well as what is probably the best Nintendo news site I’ve ever been to. As for that prediction, that’s about how I envisioned it, only I envisioned the same thing for the Gamecube. Time will tell.

  6. 9.0!

    I’m so glad I found Infendo. Even though I’ve often seen an article elsewhere first, I do enjoy the comment community here moreso than other sites.

    I’d have to say the biggest draw to the site for me initially was the simplicity of its design. So nice and clean .. you guys really make it easy to read and not a garish mess like some other sites.

    For improvements, the only thing I’d suggest is to update the poll more often. I think it’s been fairly obvious that I love polls.

    Congratulations on a great site guys. I hope more people find it and get in on some of our discussions.

  7. I would give you guys a solid 9.0!

    I’ve been following the blog since the begining and every month you guys just get better and better. Your articles are always right on and your news updates are as frequent as any of the other sites that I visit. Keep up the good work and you’ll be at a ten in no time. Have you tried contacting nintendo to try and get your own exclusive interviews. It may be a long shot but I hope it’s something I can look forward to in the future.

  8. I’ll give you a 9 also!

    Although I see more Nintendo news sometimes in other sites, the comments are what draws me in here.

    (Despite some annoying fanboyism from some commentators….)


  9. I give it an 8. I love the comments here ( specially my own , just kidding )

    I think you guys should concentrate in a few features and try to do em well. Stay focus in whatever you maythink is best for the site.

    I would concentrate in good and speedy news and good comentators and try to be that and forget about everything else.

  10. Oh, another suggestion:

    Count-downs on the main page. You could have a count-down to GDC, or E3, or even for big game release dates (like when we finally know one for Twilight Princess).

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