New Revolution Pic

Joystick has posted an image of an “unknown” component of the Revolution that’s not the controller according to their DigiPen informant. What could this be?

[Source: Joystick]


  1. a pathetic cry for attention

  2. WTF is that?!?

  3. wireless router?

  4. I say its a fake

  5. That looks really fake.

  6. Looks fake to me…
    If it’s not (or just for the fun of it):
    I agree with anonymous ;), it could be a WLAN router….
    Or some really cool holographic display…(the blue line is the Rev).
    Anyway…probably fake…looks too odd and without a real purpose 😉

  7. It is a close up picture of the on headset in the machine surrounded by some kind of “I want it to look real” picture placed surrounding the on, with a nintendo logo added in the middle and with the blue “rev prototype” light in the bottom… just fake =P

  8. I think it’s a concept drawing of the fact that the revolution will add depth. Like how it goes inward in 3D

  9. the dvd add on!!!

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